About Us


AnotherGilman 4CKT is inspired by the Big-Ocean motto of the Pacific Island Nations’ oneness and openness. Rising above obstacles of being separated by water, AnotherGilman 4CKT sees every Island Nations connected by the Pacific-Ocean. Today it's Pacific-Online. Paddling to the tip of the surfing-waves is the thrust of the island brand. From infants to elders, everyone can benefit from the next generation in island economical technology which we-the Another Gilman 4CKT store offers to you-the customers across our globe.

AnotherGilman derived from the name of “Anoth” Village in “Gilman” Municipality of Yap State, Federated States of Micronesia. Wherein the name “4CKT” represents four siblings of 3 brothers and 1 sister beginning with the oldest; Cyrilross K. Tamagken (Superboss), Cobe K. Tamagken (Boyboss), Chelsea K. Tamagken (Girlyboss) and Carlson K. Tamagken (Babyboss). You may Google: Yap Island Map or Yap, FSM to find where we locate.

Believing that everything starts within the family of Christ and end in the same wavelength, AnotherGilman 4CKT first store opened in May 09, 2002 in Anoth, Gilman during which time "Superboss" was exactly a year old. Servicing the small community customers for over a decade the new era of technology has inspired the business to tap into bigger connections with one another in the Pacific Island Nations and Worldwide. This is so our customers can achieve far better the very best results in AnotherGilman 4CKT as we add only the most innovative, economical high quality products to our Online Portfolio.

~Thank you & Kammagar~

      Philippians 4:13